Laboratory for Advanced Construction Technology (LACT) was established with supports from Asphalt Paving Association in Iowa (APAI), Construction Materials Testing (CMT), Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), and LL Pelling Co. The main purpose of LACT is to help member institutes and companies develop and implement their innovative new construction technologies in practice by performing objective laboratory testing and field evaluation.

LACT Group Photo

Objectives are to:

  • Perform research and testing (both laboratory and field) on emerging construction technologies for member organizations
  • Evaluate advanced construction technologies developed by member organizations for implementation
  • Help member organizations commercialize innovative construction technologies

Membership  Benefits include:

  • Serving on the Board of Directors of LACT to oversee its operation
  • Having the problems solved through research and testing at LACT
  • Enhancing the organization’s operational efficiency and sustainability through consulting
  • Participating in organizing the workshops and seminars in addressing the problems encountered in construction industry 
  • Obtaining the third-party objective evaluation of the organization’s innovative construction technologies
  • Advertising new products and technologies through the LACT website
  • Disseminating the successful testing and implementation results through the LACT website
  • Reaching out to potential employees and clients through LACT’s professional network.
  • Receiving a professional assistance from the full-time staff members at LACT
  • More information is available: Brochure